What Is Ionized Water?

Ionized water is a healthier form of water, with significant and beneficial anti-oxidant properties.  
Creating ionized water starts with a thorough filtration of impurities and then an electrolysis
process which separates ordinary water (H20) into two completely separate entities.  One half of
the separated water are the positive acidic molecules, while the other half are the negative
alkaline molecules. Alkaline water (with a pH of 8.5 - 9.5) is used for drinking purposes, while the
acidic  water (with a pH of 2.5 - 6.5) is used for topical applications and cleaning.

The idea of this alkaline water is to "Return to Origin," which helps to explain the philosophy
behind the ionized water as it pertains to your body and your health.  The human body needs to
maintain balance between acidic and alkaline properties to properly process foods, make
repairs, and generally remain in proper balance.  Ingesting too many acidic foods and
beverages, most notably carbonated soft drinks, can lower the body's natural pH levels to
dangerously acidic levels, which can be a breeding ground for dis-ease.  By consuming the
ionized water, a person may help balance his or her body's proper pH level and perhaps even
become more alkaline, which would be great for anyone's health.

In addition to containing natural anti-oxidants and being high in alkaline, ionized water also has
smaller water molecule clusters, which makes them more readily absorbed by the body.  
Ordinary tap water or unprocessed bottled waters have larger water molecule clusters, which
tend to pass through the body without reaching individual cells.  Without proper re-hydration,
these cells can suffer from a form of cellular dehydration and either die too soon or fail to
function efficiently or properly.  Ionized has the ability to rehydrate these cells before they
essentially degenerate and helps keep them healthy and working at optimal levels.
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