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If you would like more information, contact the person that introduced you to ionized water and this


Here are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - How can I try ionized water?
A - Contact the person that introduced you to this website and tell them you would like to try a FREE

Q - How can I learn more about ionized water?
A - There are several excellent DVD's that feature the water.  There are also LIVE presentations and
incredible product demonstrations all over the country.  Tell the person that introduced you to this
website that you would like to attend one of these informative presentations or that you would like a

Q - What will ionized water do for me?
A - Frankly, we don't know.  The effects of the water vary from person to person.  The best way to find
out is to drink the water and see what happens.  If you decide to try ionized water, be sure to drink it so
that it can have the most benefit for you.  
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